Dino Pteror // Trailer

Greenlight Trailer


An arcady Rock & Roll adventure, fly like the pterodactyl from the apocalypse of 65,000,000 BC.

Dino-Pteror is a arcady adventure set 65 million years before a bearded ape could save your soul, the age of the dinosaur will come to a close, not with a whimper but a bang.

Escape your prison of human flesh and be who you were always meant to be, a pterodactyl escaping from Death's clutches.

Glide, fall and flap your way past the hazards and environments of the dinopocalypse, and try not to go splat!


This is my portfolio, a blend of procrastination, inspiration and desperation, but mostly coffee.

 I studied the dark digital-arts, and in spite of myself  I acquired a solid grasp of code. 
My primary interests are in games art and design, and through Unity and other such means, I've been working on some modest little games, involving myself in as much as possible with each process to improve my knowledge. 

If any of my work interests you, I'm always grateful for feedback, be it kind/constructive/vile (you brutal sadists).
Contact me at JB-AI@hotmail.com for such reasons.